Have a beer and throw some axes at Axe It Out in Rapid City

Axe It Out Rapid City is a place to get a group together, have a beer and, of course, throw some axes.

Axe It Out 14Axe Throwing

To make an appointment, you can call Axe It Out, reserve a time through their website or on their Facebook and Instagram.

Up to ten people can be on the lane. Everyone is monitored, taught and shown how to throw. Everybody throws three to five times so everyone can stick, and a couple of different axes are offered to work with once everyone sticks. Then some games are explained and the hour starts.

When throwing, make sure everything is safe for you to get started. The instructors typically start everyone with a two handed throw, but they’ll work with you if you’re more comfortable with one hand.

You can throw from hatchets to big axes.


You can purchase from a half-hour to multiple hours.

  • $30 plus tax per person per hour
  • $15 plus tax per person for 30 minutes
  • $25 plus tax per hour for Military & Chamber discount
  • Minors (under 18) is $20 plus tax per hour
  • Tuesdays are half price
  • Wednesdays are Women’s Wine Wednesday – they throw for $10 cheaper and the wine is cheaper
  • Thursdays are college night – College students get half price
  • Sundays are Sunday Fun Day – Every kid under the age of 18 throws for their age for the hours (13 years old = $13 for an hour)


Axe It Out is with the WATL, or World Axe Throwing League, and you compete against not only everybody in the house, but with everybody in the world.

Axe It Out has different prizes for first, second and third.

What is it about axe throwing that people enjoy the most?

In short, the accomplishment. Axe It Out Co-Founder and Head Axepert Jeremy Boehrns says he’s seen that a lot of people were intimidated, scared or not interested, but once one person gets that bullseye, then it’s on.

“It’s fun to watch because you’ll see the whole crowd just change. Everybody will be kind of into it,” Jeremy said. “Everybody wants a bullseye. Then everybody’s getting good scores and it turns into a competition at that point.”

Food & Beverages

Axe It Out offers beer and wine. The rule is one beer per hour.

Customers can have food delivered from any food delivery place.

Mobile Axe It Out

A trailer is available for people to rent per hour. It can be rented for anything from birthday parties to weddings.

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