Has South Dakota ever seen a high risk for severe weather?

Meteorologist Erik Dean breaks down just how rare a high risk for severe weather is here in South Dakota.

Just how rare is a high risk for severe weather to occur in South Dakota? Since 1982, we have seen a high risk somewhere in the state 12 different times. One could say that they are extremely rare for this state. Here are the dates and maps in which they occurred. (All images are courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center and IEM)

July 2 1983 High Risk
July 2nd, 1983, Central & Eastern South Dakota

April 26th 1984 High Risk

April 26, 1984, SE South Dakota

May 30th 1985 High Risk

May 30th, 1985, SE South Dakota

May 24th 1989 High Risk

May 24th, 1989, Eastern and SE South Dakota

June 1st 1990 High Risk

June 1, 1990, Central and Eastern South Dakota

June 16th 1992 High Risk

June 16, 1992, SE South Dakota.

June 7th 1993 High Risk

June 7th, 1993, SE South Dakota.

July 3rd 1993 High Risksvg

July 3, 1993, Eastern part of the Black Hills Region, all of Central and Eastern South Dakota.

August 27th 1994 High Risksvg

August 27th, 1994, Eastern and SE South Dakota.

July 1st 1997 High Risksvg

July 1nd, 1997, Eastern and SE South Dakota

June 5th 1999 High Risk

June 5th, 1999, Southern, Eastern, and SE South Dakota.

June 5 2008 1300 Outlook

June 5, 2008, SE South Dakota.

It’s been almost 14 years since South Dakota has seen a high risk for severe weather. Am I saying we are long overdue for one? I’ll let you be the judge of that one. By the way, our neighbors to the west in Wyoming, have never been under a high risk for severe weather.

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