Harding Co. Sheriff deems dead cattle suspicious

HARDING COUNTY, S.D. — The Harding County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two separate instances where cattle have been found dead, with no explanation.

Harding County Sheriff Wyatt Sabo says there were two calves hit on a county road in the southwest part of the county on October 7th. He says the incident was not reported to the sheriff’s office when similar incidents are typically reported.

After an investigation, he says there were no markings on the road to indicate heavy breaking or car parts that showed car breakage upon impact.

Exactly one month later, on November 7th, two more cows were killed, about a half mile apart in an area near the first incident.

Similar to the first incident, there were no tire markings or car parts left behind.

According to Sabo, on average there are about 10 head of cattle that are hit by vehicles and reported to the sheriff’s office through the year.

Sabo says the two incidents are “definitely suspicious” because there are not vehicle pieces broken up or left behind at the scene and there were four hit in a short time span, in a close proximity.

“If someone sees something, we would appreciate any calls to the sheriff’s office or their local office, law enforcement, to let them know,” said Sabo.

He asks that if anyone see something suspicious, they write down the license plates to pass along to law enforcement.

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