Halloween candy buy back

One way to avoid massive candy consumption at Halloween is with a candy buy back.
Fibonacci Dental Studio
Fibonacci Dental Studio
Fibonacci Dental Studio

For the last 5 years,  local dentist offices Dakota Family Dental and Fibonacci Dental Studio have invited kids to drop off candy in exchange for cash.

Amy Dooley, Office Administrator, Fibonacci Dental Studio, “It is a win, win. The kids get to obviously go trick or treating, and then they bring their candy in. We will pay them a dollar per pound up to 5 pounds, so they get to walk away with a little bit of money, maybe spend it on something not so bad for their teeth. And then the candy we will collect until next Wednesday, Nov 6th, then we will send that to Operation Gratitude that is in California, then they forward that on to all of our deployed troops.”

Operation Gratitude sends troops care packages deployed overseas to say thank you to all who serve. Dr. Friedman has a personal connection to the military.

Jennifer LH Friedman, DDS with Dakota Family Dental, says, “So I was actually in the Air Force for 4 years, I did a residency in Virginia, and then got stationed here at Ellsworth and finished out my commitment here. So I’ve always had kind of a special place in my heart for the military and so started doing this program.”

Not only is the candy meant to send cheer to troops but also to help keep kid’s teeth cavity free.

Laura Davies, DDS with Fibonacci Dental Studio, says, Cavities can start as early as teeth come in the mouth for kids, so we want to decrease the amount of sugary foods that the kids are eating but we want them to still go have fun for Halloween.”

Dr. Davies recommends staying away from  suckers or hard candy, as the sticky candies tend to stay on the teeth longer and promote decay. And keep candy snacking to just after mealtime.

Dr. Davies says, “Because there is more saliva in the mouth then and that will help it wash it away and keep it from building up and starting.”

Both dentists say to avoid cavities, brush twice a day for at least 2 minutes and floss to get between teeth.

You can help then reach their goal of 200 pounds of candy by November 6th. You don’t have to be a patient to participate. The offices are located at 2800 Jackson Blvd #9, Rapid City, SD.

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