Habitat for Humanity is looking forward to 2021

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Like everyone else the Black Hills area, Habitat for Humanity had a tough 2020, especially with a shortage of volunteers. Still, Habitat has provided homes for those in need with the goal to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. Habitat for Humanity is constantly building new, affordable homes for the public across the Black Hills. For some families this will be the first Christmas inside their new homes.

Debra and Leana Dubray, recipients of a Habitat home, said, “You know, just to open the doors and have my family and my son and my other grand daughters come in – it’s just that homey feeling. I feel really good now because I have my own room and it’s a much bigger home.”

As 2021 approaches, Habitat for Humanity is trying to raise funds to build more homes in the new year. With a goal of $20,000, Habitat for Humanity is partnering with Denny Menholt Toyota and other private donors to double all donations from now until the new year.

“I see so much support in our community for the work of Habitat for Humanity and the need for affordable housing. You know, we’ve got 3,000 new community members moving here for the B-21 project we already had a need for 3,500 affordable homes, so the need is just really out pacing what the private and non-profit sector can do. We’re gonna keep at it and keep reminding our community that there is something all of us can do,” said Scott Engmann, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity.

The houses are provided by the Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity, but the homeowners do pay an affordable mortgage payment each month – and that payment will never go up. Habitat for Humanity believes everyone should own a home they can afford.

“It’s all about trying to help people get that decent place to live to make our world better. And boy, if we ever needed to make our world better, I think we would all acknowledge that in 2020, we’ve really seen things go in a tough direction. So I am hopeful for 2021 to keep bringing hope into peoples lives through housing and what we do,” Engmann added.

If you are interested in donating to Habitat for Humanity or volunteering, visit them online here.


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