Habitat for Humanity dedicates 21st home to a family in need

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Despite the change in weather Tuesday, Habitat for Humanity dedicated the first of three single-family homes to a family in need.

The home stands at the corner of MacArthur and Midway Streets in Rapid City, on land that used to contain a condemned squatter house. Two more homes on that same lot are in the works.

Thumbnail Img 0577 1Receiving her keys Tuesday was Marie, along with her son Joshua, after completing years of classes and more than 200 volunteer hours.

“I really enjoyed the program and I’m so grateful that you guys gave me this house today,” Marie said. “Now I’m going to move into my first house!”

Community groups attended, presenting Marie and Joshua with housewarming gifts, like a toolkit from Knecht Home Center and homemade quilts from a local quilting group.

Marie and Joshua are the 21st family to receive a Habitat for Humanity home in Rapid City.

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