H-S Precision Rifles: A global leader in test barrel production right here in Rapid City

H S PrecisionHow did H-S Precision start?

“We actually started originally as a barrel manufacturer back in 1978,” explains Josh Cluff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at H-S Precision. “So we’ve been building barrels, rifles and stocks since 1978. We’ve got some great employees here that have been with us for 30 plus years, and we specialize in long range custom rifles.”

What do you offer to the general rifle consumer?

H-S Precision manufactures rifles for the general consumer and for military and law enforcement purposes.

“A customer can come in to us, they can come right through our building here and spec out a rifle,” Cluff says. “We talk about the different model of guns that we offer for them. They can spec it out, whatever caliber they want, whatever color, barrel, length, twist rate, and our goal is to build them exactly what they want…we are one of the only manufacturers on the rifle side of things that build every single component of the gun.”

What do you offer to the law enforcement and military consumer?

“We do build both military and law enforcement style guns. Those are mainly on our Sniper Rifle program. Most notably, we build a sniper rifle for the FBI, as well as the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces, and then those same or similar models are available directly to the public as well,” Cluff adds. “So that is our HCR platform, it’s generally used for long range steel competition, PRS-type shooting, things of that nature, and then we also use basically similar components to our hunting side.”

How does H-S precision contribute to the ballistics field?

H-S Precision is the leading supplier and producer in the world for ballistic test barrels.

So all your major ammunition manufacturers – Hornady, Winchester, Federal, so on and so forth, they use our test barrels for testing their ammunition. So when companies come up with a new cartridge or develop a new projectile, then they need to be able to test that, make sure it’s safe, number one. Also, if it’s accurate, any pressure signs, anything like that.”

Why order a custom rifle?

“So in-house here in our facility, we’re building the barrel, the action, the trigger, the stock, magazine box, every single component that goes into that gun is built and manufactured right here. So a value added standpoint is if you go on an aftermarket basis and purchase an action, purchase a trigger, purchase a stock, purchase a barrel, and then have a gunsmith assemble it and put those together, you’re going to be around a similar price point anyway, but with ours we guarantee every component that goes into it,” says Cluff. “So you’re getting the peace of mind that everything is manufactured to go together and to work together and you have that accuracy guarantee behind it as well.”

If you’d like to learn more or start designing your custom rifle, head to the H-S Precision website. You can also call 605-341-3006 or, “if anybody’s local in the Rapid City area and wants to stop by we’ll set up a tour, show them around and kind of show you what separates our product from anybody else that’s out there,” Cluff says.

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