Gut Check participants experience mental and physical demands of soldiers

South Dakota Army National Guard holds its Second Annual Gut Check 10k obstacle course mud run

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Against gunfire and rough terrain, it can be hard to imagine the challenges that soldiers have to go through.

The South Dakota Army National Guard (SDANG) brought these challenges to light with its Second Annual Gut Check, a 10K obstacle course mud run at Camp Rapid for over 400 people.

The Gut Check allows the community to experience the mental and physical demands of soldiers. It’s also used as a good recruiting tool for the guard, even seeing a few high schoolers participating in the challenge.

“They’ll be simulated weapons, fire going off, smoke will be there. So, they’ll get a little bit of the flavor of the military. And that’s how we’re trying to put a military spin on a traditional obstacle course,” 109th Engineer Battalion Commander Kevin Huxford said.

With a range of tests throughout the run, participants face 12 obstacles with a popular one being the mud hole.

This obstacle is the dirtiest obstacle on the course, but it is not the most grueling. Some might find it difficult though with it being about five miles into the six-mile race.

“The most difficult one — in my opinion — would be our traditional obstacle course. Because in it by itself, it is a test on physical strength more than it is mental strength, figuring out how to get through the obstacles,” Huxford said.

The traditional course only counted as one obstacle in the mud run but had about 20 obstacles within it which came before the halfway mark.Dirt Crawl1

Contestants could tackle the 10K at their own pace, pushing through and running the whole thing, walking between the obstacles, or a mix of both.

“Last year, we had about 300. This year we sold out a week ahead of time. So there’s obviously an interest. So, we’re hoping to have a good turnout today and continue this on,” Huxford said.

If anyone wants to partake in the run, keep an eye out for it next year because reserved sports might go fast again.

You can learn more about SDANG on their website or its Facebook page.

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