Guardsmen participate in Aircraft Fire Training at Ellsworth

ELLSWORTH, AFB, S.D. – Ellsworth Air Force base is one of the few in the west, that has a fire training pit.

Within the next 2 weeks, soldiers and airmen from South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming will be on base training for aircraft fires.

“The techniques I’ve seen have just been used on the training ground, fortunately, we haven’t had a real-world scenario where we would have to apply this but we also want to be ready, just in case in the event of a scenario like this,” said SFC. Maxwell Stoltenburg, the 451st Fire Chief. 

Today members of the South Dakota National Guard geared up to tackle fire.

Fuel was used to keep the flames going and soldiers practiced several different techniques that could be used to put out the fire.

“What they’re going to come out here today and do – we actually are using jet a fuel – we’re going to light that jet 1 fuel in the fire pit. The first couple of rounds of fires, they’re going to use their fire trucks to put it out. The second round of fires they’re going to be using their hand lines to extinguish the fire,” said MSgt. Micah Doran with the Ellsworth Fire Station.

This is an annual certification that is required for the army national guard and air force. Today a little less than 20 people were updating their certification.

“We like to keep current and up to date on training and just to make sure that we stay sharp at training,” said SFC. Stoltenburg.

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