Groundbreaking held for future Hot Springs processing plant

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. –  Ground has been broken for a new facility for the West River beef industry.

5 26 Dakota Beef Vo00 00 06 17still002A new processing plant will be going up in Hot Springs. It will create seven new jobs and provide ranchers with a local option to put their product to market.

Dakota Territory Beef will be able to process 25 cattle a week.

It plans to pay ranchers a premium of 12 cents over the board for the following Monday for their cattle. The partner’s United Ranchers Cooperative hopes to set an example for future processing plants across the country.

Neil Sanders President of United Ranchers Cooperative says, “We’re going to put money in ranchers’ pockets. We’re going to give consumers a fair quality product that is age sourced, verified. They know where it comes from.”

Cement work for the plant is expected to start soon followed by installation of the refrigeration system. Dakota Territory Beef hopes to be up and running by January or February.

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