Green Knights ride on Rally’s Military Appreciation Day

ELLSWORTH, AFB, S.D. — Honoring our nation’s military — past, present, and future.

That was Tuesday’s theme at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

At Ellsworth Air Force Base, it was bikes and bombers as the Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club gathered at the base for the 19th annual Dakota Thunder Run.

More than 150 bikers came out this year for the ride through the Black Hills to Sturgis for Military Appreciation Day.

Tylor Evans is the senior adviser for the Green Knights Ellsworth chapter. He said, “We, as Green Knights, are a military mentorship program for the DoD [Department of Defense] and other military as well.”

Chapter vice president Phillip Cash says the group makes sure members ride safely and create a lifelong passion of safety.

What’s the attraction of the ride? “Getting all the vet all the military folk, getting the community together,” said Cash.

Army Veteran Ernie Williams added, “I’ve been waiting all year for this. Nobody puts on a ride like the military, by golly. Everything’s ‘dress right dress.’”

Paul Lasko came all the way from Tupelo, Mississippi. He says he took two-lane roads all the way here.

Chapter vice president Cash said it’s important to remember current military members in harm’s way.

“At any given time, we have members of our country out there on the front lines,” he said. “To be able to come out in any venue and show the appreciation to folks is fantastic.”

Paul Lasko, the rider who came from Mississippi summed it up. “To just see America the way it should be seen… that’s what this ride is about.”

The ride finished in Sturgis to a fly-over by two B-1 Lancers from Ellsworth.

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