Grassroots organization partners to launch new Lakota language app

PORCUPINE, S.D. —  A family of Lakota game designers and artists have partnered with Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation to launch a new Lakota language app.

The app will feature dozens of stories in Lakota, read by Lakota elders and member of the community.

“Most of our language learning tools are not done by Lakota people, and so what makes us truly unique is that it is all Lakota made,” says Kellee Brewer, co-director of the Thunder Valley Youth Development Initiative.

Image From Ios 43Thunder Valley says it’s a major step forward for the Lakota language revitalization movement and will allow children to connect with their culture.

The app has taken years to develop and was born out of childhood memories.

“The app has been derived from his – from the Lu brothers – stories of growing up with their grandmother,” Brewer adds.

The app will launch on March 3 with students from across the reservation traveling to Thunder Valley to test the game.

Brewer says there will be more such apps in the future focused around Lakota culture.

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