Grass fires in the Black Hills are spreading faster due to high speed winds

HERMOSA, S.D. — High winds blowing across the Black Hills have been causing fires to spread at a rapid pace, making it difficult for firefighters to keep them contained.

Early Wednesday morning this structure fire in Hermosa quickly spread to nearby grasses. Fire crews from Rapid City and other area agencies responded to several small grass fires just this week. With the heavy winds and dry conditions, the extreme fire danger is high during this time of year.

Improperly disposed of cigarettes, as well as leaving cooking food unattended are two main causes for fires. A Rapid City Division Chief says the real key to stopping a fire from spreading is having enough firefighters.

“Getting the appropriate amount of resources come in a timely fashion is very important.” Said Division Chief Brian Povandra, Rapid City Fire Department. “The more resources we get there the quicker we are usually able to extinguish the fire and handle the situation.”

RCFD urges us to turn off grills or ovens when we’re done using them and that if we see any fire or smoke to call your local fire department immediately.

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