Grass fire scorches 2.3 acres in Rockerville

ROCKERVILLE S.D. — A quick response from fire crews helped put out a potentially dangerous fire in Rockerville on Saturday.

Just before 10:00, someone was mowing their lawn on Coyote Flats roads. Fire officials say the grass was extremely dry, and then caught fire. During the fire, flames were over a foot tall because of all of the dry underbrush.

In all, two structures were threatened before fire crews knocked down and put out the fire. Fire officials are warning the public to be careful with sources of heat.

“Yes, we just had snow. Yes we just had rain, but these are cured grasses they’re ready to burn,” said Chief Gail Schmidt with the Rockerville Volunteer Fire Department. “Until we get that nice green grass come up, this is flammable fuel. We’ve got warm temperatures, low RH’s, yeah, that’s a recipe for fire.”

In all, the grass fire consumed 2.3 acres. A number of fire departments from around the region helped put it out. There were no injuries in the fire.

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