Grain Bin Rescue – “Every Minute Is Crucial”

LANKIN, N.D. — (KVLY)  A North Dakota man is lucky to be alive after he was trapped inside a grain bin for over an hour.

The man was submerged in more than 15,000 bushels of corn Sunday afternoon.

In a race against the clock, dozens of area first responders rushed to the Lankin farmstead, while volunteer firefighter Terry Novak went down the road for his backhoe to tear the bin open.

“When that first flush came out, I was just praying that he would come sliding out. Obviously that didn’t happen. So, we had to go in and dig more,” he said.

While Novak dug with the backhoe, the rest shoveled their way through the bin. But as minutes turned into an hour, Novak said the grim thought of their rescue becoming a recovery flooded into the back of everyone’s mind.

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