Graduation Plans for Rapid City Area School Class of 2020

Graduation commencement ceremonies have always been a right of passage for high school seniors, but the class of 2020s cap and gown event will be delayed and perhaps look different this year.

Rapid City Area School District will host a virtual graduation — with a date confirmed soon, but tentatively scheduled for the end of May or early June.

Graduation Handshake

Staff is in the planning stages of the event but Dr. Simon says that they will try to incorporate most of the traditional ceremony elements.

Then an in person ceremony, with appropriate guidelines, is planned for July 24 for Rapid City High School and July 26 for Central and Stevens High Schools.

Dr. Lori Simon, Superintendent of RCAS, says, “We know that this is such an important milestone in a students journey into adulthood and so if at all possible, we want to have that in person graduation.”

Graduation Elements

Douglas High School is also planning a traditional ceremony on July 26 at Patriot Stadium for their approximate 140 seniors.

They are additionally holding a video graduation and senior slideshow ceremony event at Roy’s Black Hills Twin Drive IN Theatre on May 17 with components of a traditional graduation ceremony, which will be pre-produced.

Bud Gusso, Principal, Douglas School District, says, “The motivation was because my seniors expected to graduate May 17 and I am going to do something for them because they worked hard and they deserve it.”

All graduation ceremonies scheduled for July are pending there are no social distancing restrictions in place at that time.

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