Governors Agricultural Summit gathers leaders from across the state

The Ninth Annual Governor’s Agricultural Summit is underway in Rapid City.

South Dakota Governors Agricultural Summit 2018

The two-day conference is bringing together leaders in business, finance, education and other fields to underline the importance of the state’s ag economy and taking advantage of its potential future.

Dr. Dustin Oedekoven, the state veterinarian and interim AG secretary, explained the summit’s importance.

South Dakota Governors Agricultural Summit 2018

“One of the reasons that we bring everyone together is to highlight the work of the South Dakota Agricultural Department, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Agriculture is a big deal in South Dakota; it is our number one industry.”

On Thursday, Gov. Dennis Daugaard will be in attendance, along with many state agricultural leaders.

The topics of conversation range from the importance of bees and pollination to climate indicators and what this year’s rainfall has done for certain parts of South Dakota.

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