Governor rides through Black Hills, promotes state’s tourism


STURGIS, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem, rolled through the Black Hills Monday afternoon on her Indian Motorcycle as part of the Legends Ride.

The ride left from Downtown Deadwood and rode through the Black Hills and into the Buffalo Chip.

Noem says she rode motorcycles about 20 years, gave it up to raise her kids, then briefly picked it back up a few years ago before officially knocking off the rust a few days prior to the ride.

Rod Woodruff, owner of the Buffalo Chip, estimates the Rally will bring in near one million people this year. The Governor – touting the state’s tourism as one that’s getting eyes from across the world. She says the Department of Tourism reports a shift in vacation searches away from beaches and populated areas to rural America and small towns.

“I think it’s fantastic that South Dakota has exactly what people are looking for,” said Noem. “They can come here remember what America feels like, remember what it is like to be free and have their liberties respected and we’re just so grateful people are here spending time with us.”

As the nation watches COVID numbers as the delta variant continues to spread, Noem combats claims the Rally will become what’s been called a “super spreader event”. She says she continues to monitor the situation, focusing on the state’s hospital capacity.

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