Governor Noem signs executive order to extend flexibility in hay hauling

PIERRE, S.D. — Governor Kristi Noem signed Executive Order 2021-15 on Wednesday, which extends the timeframe during which hay haulers may move hay through February 2022.

Lemmon Hay 9Hay haulers may move hay from two hours before sunrise to two hours after sunset, and permission is granted to move overwidth baled livestock feed over any public highway of the state trunk highway system and interstate system in South Dakota.

Vehicles are not to exceed 12 feet in width or 15 feet in height and must be equipped with flashing or rotating amber warning lights placed on each side of the load’s widest extremity when operated during darkness hours. Warning lights need to be clearly visible to motorists approaching from the front or rear.

Hay haulers are typically only allowed to move hay half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset under statute.

The order applies to oversize hay haulers who have a permit, and they cannot run overweight.



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