Governor Noem makes one more push for votes before Election Day


Governor Kristi Noem shook hands, took photos, and signed autographs after the Rally in Rapid on Monday, November 7, 2022. (Darsha Nelson, NewsCenter1)

RAPID CITY, S.D. —Governor Kristi Noem was in Rapid City Monday night before the election, with a series of guests to campaign alongside her.

Who joined Governor Noem at the rally

Governor Noem’s guests included many state officials, some also running or seeking re-election in several positions. The following guests spoke at the rally Monday night:

  • South Dakota Department of Tribal Relations Secretary Dave Flute
  • Chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party Dan Lederman
  • Candidate for Commissioner of School and Public Lands Brock Greenfield
  • State Auditor Rich Sattgast
  • Candidate for Attorney General Marty Jackley
  • State Treasurer Josh Haeder
  • Candidate for Public Utilities Commissioner Chris Nelson
  • Candidate for Secretary of State Monae Johnson
  • Congressman Dusty Johnson
  • Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden

The special message hinted at by Governor Noem’s re-election campaign

Before Governor Noem’s speech to her constituents, a video message from former President Donald Trump served as part of her introduction, which featured praise for the governor’s actions and accomplishments for South Dakota.

“She has just done a fantastic job. It has gone conservative as a state, and it is doing better proportionately than just about any state in the union,” he said in the message.

What she talked about

While on-stage, the governor spoke on some of the biggest topics of interest during her campaign and things she has done since taking the office as she made her final campaign push before Election night.

Towards the beginning of her speech, a protestor began to set off an air horn. Once identified law enforcement quickly escorted them out of the building as the crowd watched on and chanted “Kristi” in response.

Noem first took office after receiving more than 51 percent of votes during the 2018 election and became the first female governor in the state. During her recent campaign, she highlighted topics of interest such as the state’s growing economy due to staying open during the pandemic and the grocery tax cut she plans to impose on the state should she be re-elected.

She referred to the state as a “shining city on a hill” in her speech, calling for supporters to be hopeful for what she hopes will be a second term in office.

I need you to leave here tonight inspired, optimistic and hopeful about what we could do the next four years,” she explained. “What we can do to build stronger families paid family leave, help childcare and daycare access in the state. What we can do for housing, how we can– All these new families that have come to our state make them feel right at home and continue to live the dream like all of us who’ve lived here our entire lives.”

Polls on Election Day

With auditor’s offices closed across the state to voters, polling places will remain open on Election Day for voters. All across the state regardless of time zone, they will remain open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Preliminary results will not be made available until after 7:00 Mountain Time. The Secretary of State’s VIP Portal allows for voters to look up polling places to avoid any day-of mishaps.

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