Governor Noem launches “SD Week of Work”

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem in Rapid City Monday morning to help launch the “South Dakota Week of Work”.

This event, hosted by B9 Creations, aims to introduce 10th graders to career opportunities in their communities through job shadows, industry tours and other business-to-classroom connections. Governor Noem, along with several other participants in this initiative, spoke about what this means for the future workforce and for students who are looking for the right career now.

Governor Noem says it’s all about giving them exposure to different types of careers here in South Dakota. “We have workforce challenges in so many different areas in our state. A lot of open jobs but people don’t have the skills to fill those jobs that are unemployed. So if we can get our students thinking about the kind of career they want earlier, tie a business to them, and get a relationship going when they come out of school that they can fill those positions right here at home. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Governor Noem says that this program works with the Department of Labor and Department of Education will be working with students to find out what they’re passionate about and what kind of skills they have in all different career fields so that can partner with businesses that are interested in having students come in and spend some time with them. “A lot of our students think that they have to leave South Dakota for opportunities and over and over again I hear students say ‘I didn’t know I could have that job right here. I didn’t know that was available.’

So for the state of South Dakota, the governor says it’s an awareness issue. A lot of our engineering students, medical field students and professionals leave the state for a few years and then come back home, so through “SD Week of Work” there will be more opportunities created and then they’ll have a career in our state as soon as they get done with their schooling. That will also help fill the jobs that businesses in our state need to get filled.

Governor Noem also says that this program will have a two-fold impact. It will allow more people to stay here in our state and it will help businesses to expand. So Governor Noem says that if we are more proactive about facilitating the workforce, then it will give South Dakota businesses more opportunities to do so as well.

The “SD Week of Work” is scheduled for April 20th – 24th.


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