Gov. Noem works with Pennington County Sheriff’s Office in hiring efforts

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Governor Noem worked in conjunction with the state of South Dakota and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office to fill vacant positions in the agency.

PCSO welcomes new hiresThe Pennington County Sheriff’s Office has been on the lookout for new employees in every department, and Governor Kristi Noem stepped in to help “cop” some new recruits. She visited the Sheriff’s Office Wednesday to see the results of the combined efforts, and met the new employees before they were sworn in.

The appeal of the South Dakota lifestyle in combination with benefits like signing bonuses helped draw some hires, but there is still a plethora of vacancies.

Sheriff Kevin Thom of Pennington County Sheriff’s Office discussed the appeal of the location and agency itself.

“South Dakota itself is attractive, people like coming here for the Black Hills, if you like outdoor recreation,” he explains. “As an agency, we have a lot of different opportunities for people. Again, you can work in corrections, you can work in addiction treatment services, you can work in law enforcement.”


About half of the inductees are from out of state, and they all have different reasons for choosing this department as their new home. One example is Alejandro Rivera, new Juvenile Corrections Officer from San Diego, who wanted a change of scenery.

“The way it looks, the climate, the geography, it’s all very appealing to me. I think it’s really pretty here,” Rivera says.

Some, though, chose to stay in state, and serve the communities they grew up in, like Cassandra Paulsen, new Correctional Booking Technician, who worker at PCSO already.

“I came back because I like the people and I like the environment,” Paulsen states. “It’s such a great place to work, I love it here.”

Correctional Officers are most needed right now, and a $4,000 signing bonus is being offered to applicants who are selected for the job. More information on these positions can be found here.

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