Gov. Noem urges people to vote

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Election day is less than a week away and Governor Kristi Noem is urging people to exercise their right to vote.

One third of South Dakota’s registered voters have requested absentee ballots. Noem says it’s great that voters are utilizing that option during the pandemic, adding that if you didn’t vote early or absentee, it’s critical to go to your polling station on Tuesday.

“There are also still folks that are like me, who are traditionalists,” said Noem. “I like to get up on election morning and go to my hometown of Hazel, South Dakota and see everybody and vote and that’s really, in South Dakota, really one of the traditions we enjoy and typically do as a family.”

She says elections are one of the greatest privileges in America and the early voting momentum needs to keep going heading into election day.

“It’s important for us to weigh in on our election day policies and people we want to put in leadership positions,” said Noem. “I think it’s a right, it’s a responsibility, and it’s a privilege. We shouldn’t lose sight of all three of those things.”

The Governor has been traveling across the country campaigning for President Trump. She plans to head back to South Dakota tomorrow.

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