Gov. Noem says no plans to build security fence

Photo from the South Dakota Governor’s official page

PIERRE, S.D. — Gov. Noem tweeted on Monday that there are no plans to build a security fence around the Governor’s Mansion.

Public safety experts in the state recommended that her administration look into building the fence. The total budget for the project was $400,000, though that number was subject to change.

Noem says there are no longer plans to construct the fence following research into the matter.

Security has been an issue at a number of other state Governor’s residences in recent years. In Wyoming, a man carrying a hunting knife was arrested in 2018 after he broke into the governor’s residence at 1:30 a.m. and activated a fire alarm. A similar break-in also happened in California in 2018.

However, the effectiveness of a security fence has been questioned, particularly after a man broke into the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion in April. He damaged property before being found asleep on a couch.

The Louisiana mansion has had a tall, iron fence in place for security since 1998. It’s only entrance gate is guarded by troopers anytime the governor is home. Details haven’t been released on how exactly the man was able to get past these security measures, as authorities have been tight-lipped while they continue to investigate the incident.



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