Gov. Noem: “bringing as much help as possible” to residents living on Black Hawk mine

BLACK HAWK, S.D. — Since two sinkholes exposed an underground mine in hideaway hills residents have questioned the state’s role in restoration.

Evacuated Black Hawk residents in Hideaway Hills spoke to governor Kristi Noem about their situation in a conference call Thursday morning. One resident said, though she did appreciates the governor taking time out to speak with them, it wasn’t exactly what she was hoping for.

“We will be helping them file that FEMA application. I also indicated to them that if FEMA did make this an appropriate application and did grant our request that the state would commit to stepping up and fulfilling our 10 percent share of the cost sharing formula, for that to be any sort of assistance to the families.” said Noem.

After the call one resident said she felt there were still questions on mitigation efforts.

Wendy Wagner, resident of Hideaway Hills, said “I’m pretty sure we have the same questions and we didn’t expect answers. But we respected that she at least opened up the line of communication.”

FEMA hazard mitigation funding is not guaranteed.

Meanwhile, several families have started go-fund-me campaigns totaling nearly 14 thousand dollars thus far. Each campaign has its own goal to reach.

“I get that no government agency is going to feel it, like, oh we did something wrong here’s your billion dollars to fix what’s right but it’s so heartbreaking, the lack of empathy.” said Wagner.


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