Gov. Noem announces bill that improves rural development

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Gov. Kristi Noem was at the Black Hills Stock Show Friday morning making a major announcement.

Gov. Noem Revealed a bill that she hopes will improve rural development across the state.

The bill is said to make agricultural projects more accessible by speeding up the process to both cite and permit these projects.

In the recent years, large out-of-state corporations have taken legal action to try to take away these family owned farms and ranches.

Gov. Noem says this bill will change that.

“Statewide in the state of South Dakota create fairness and transparency, allow there to be predictability in hearing schedules, in voting and how it happens and to make sure we have bonding requirements in place to cover the costs of all those proceedings going forward,” said Gov. Noem.

This bill is expected to make it easier for the next generation to continue running family farms and ranches. It will allow them to upgrade their property when necessary, without such a long draw out process.

Gov. Noem says it will be especially beneficial for dairy farmers, who have faced many issues with permitting.

“When you can go through the process, know which step to take and the next step to take and you meet all of those requirements and spend all those dollars at the end you’ll know that you’ll get that permit to operate,” said Mary Post, South Dakota Dairy Producers.

Agriculture contributes over $32 billion to South Dakota’s economy every year.

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