Gov. Kristi Noem addresses Rapid City for the first time since election

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem made her first appearance in Rapid City since being elected. Her list of priorities is extensive but the theme of all of them is the future of South Dakota. She wants to set up the upcoming generation for success.

She wants to start with broadband and internet stability.

“We’ve got a lot of areas in the state that don’t have high-speed internet access, so it’s limiting our ability to recruit businesses there. it’s hurting really our educational opportunities for students that don’t have internet service at home,” said Noem. 

Governor Noem also takes pride in the outdoor culture of South Dakota. Pheasant hunting is not only a common hobby but it also brings in revenue.

The state’s pheasant population has dropped and Noem hopes to fix it with predator control. She plans to partner with businesses in favor of the initative and raise money in order to restore the hunting industry.

In regard to tribal relations, she hopes to establish partnerships within tribal communities. She states that in some Native American communities unemployment rates are as high as 80 to 90 percent. In order to work through those struggles, she plans to focus in on job training, mental health counseling, and addiction treatment services.

“The state can partner with our tribes to create economic development, to bring law-and-order to a lot of their communities, to address some of their education challenges and unemployment challenges,” said Noem.

As of now, she is working with the legislature to make her plans a reality.

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