Good deeds program still going strong in Sturgis

STURGIS, S.D. — The Sturgis Rally will welcome thousands of visitors, and with that, a few changes can be expected this year in the city.

Including an increase in law enforcement, and enhanced safety measures.

During the city’s daily rally briefing, city leaders addressed COVID concerns for the rally,  and announced the addition of COVID testing sites for the general public. Testing would come at a price, but would allow visitors to receive testing ahead of returning to their respective states.

City leaders also spoke of the good deeds program started at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. The purpose was to help elderly and immunocompromised individuals with their daily needs such as shopping, and activities that would require them to leave the safety of their homes.

Volunteers were solicited for the program, but with the rally in town, the errand running has been delegated to library staff.

“They are actually not interacting with the public at all, other than phone calls and then going shopping, and the majority of the shopping is done early in the morning when there’s not a lot of guests and after the stores have been sanititzed,” said the Sturgis City Manager Daniel Ainslie. “So it’s not that we’re having our police staff or public works staff who are out cleaning everything or interacting with the public, they’re not the ones doing the shopping. We’re trying to keep it is as separate as possible.”

The program will continue for the duration of the pandemic, and is not relegated to just shopping. Customers can request library materials, and even special take out.

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