Golden Coyote: Virtual Battle Space training exercise


CAMP RAPID, S.D. – One of the exercises that members of our armed services participated in for the Golden Coyote exercise this week included one that was set in a virtual reality.

During this exercise, some service members are going through a portion of their training indoors this week in order to get some field training in the Virtual Battle Space or VBS3. There are a number of things and hundreds of scenarios that they can do with the VBS3, like land navigation and call for fire.

“It just depends on what the commander’s training intent and objectives are and we can be as simple or as complex as necessary. Virtual training is a rehearsal phase before they actually go out and execute and get validated. It’s kind of hard to compare it with any other systems. It’s just a great tool to get them to that end point,” said Matt Berry, Army National Guard Virtual Training Integrator.

This time, they’re using an Afghanistan map where they need to work together and use gun trucks to move down a forward operating base. Throughout the exercise, they could come into contact with improvised explosive devices or IED’s, civilians running around and possibly casualties.

“So it usually takes about three hours for the tutorial then I give them an operations order for the mission planning and briefing portion. Then once they feel comfortable with that, then we’ll execute the scenario and the scenario itself will take about two and a half hours depending on how well they do,” said Berry. If they mess up, they can just reset the scenario, which Berry says is a great resource and time saver for exercises like this.


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