Golden Coyote exercise spurring cohesion between Army Reserve, Navy units

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Training in military exercises, like the Golden Coyote, is hard enough – but a partnership between Army and Navy Reserve units is adding another element.

The EMF Navy Reserve Unit from Jacksonville, Florida, and the 210th Regional Support Group from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, working in unison.

Different military branches from different parts of the world.

“They get to learn and understand how people do things differently from different units its a great learning environment for everybody that comes here that they get to deal with different people from different social backgrounds, different areas of the country, different areas of the world,” said Col. Todd Bartunek, Exercise Director, Golden Coyote.

The 210th is leading the exercise and is in charge of most ground units.

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The Navy Reserve is handling medical training and assistance – both exchanging ways of providing medical help.

“It gives me new ways of doing things, new ways of teaching classes and different perspectives and then listening to different people’s stories, it also helps me grow as a military member,” said Commander Franklin Hendley, EMF Navy Reserve.

Thankfully, the language barrier isn’t a big issue, leading to better communication in briefings.

“You’re able to express better to yourself, to better communicate and we talk a lot over sections and they get the message that we’re supposed to do,” said Ariana Nieves, Human Resources Specialist, 210th RSG.

Other members, learning through ranking structure and procedural differences – lessons they’re taking in stride.

“You don’t know what to do sometimes, so you just learn that. I just learned that the ones with the anchor in it, they’re sergeants, so that’s pretty good for me because I didn’t know that and now I’m learning,” said Felix Torress, Army Religious Affairs Specialist, 210th RSG.

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