Give aerial silk classes a try with Sky Dancing Aerial Studio!

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Saige Anderson, owner and instructor at Sky Dancing Aerial Studio in downtown Rapid City, opened her studio three-and-a-half years ago. Certified in silks and lyra, she stared with three clients, and has grown to 44.

What is Sky Dancing Aerial Studio all about?

As an instructor, Anderson says she focuses on building relationships with her students, acting as a second mom to all of them. Her other big focus is safety.

Mats are required under everything at all times, and then spotting and coaching, all of that is key to a good, safe aerial education here,” she says. 

Sky Dancing Aerial StudioWhy try aerial arts?

Aerial is such a good physical activity. It’s such a good stress and anxiety reliever. You build strength and condition muscles and you get to meet some amazing friends along the way,” says Anderson.

Plus, Sky Dancing Aerial Studios offers a welcoming community of friends and athletes.

“My students really build the camaraderie and the friendship here. It’s the community that I’ve based my studio upon. All of the girls get along as if they were sisters. They look out for each other and they cheer each other on whether they’re having a good day or bad day, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

What skills do students learn in addition to aerial arts?

Anderson adds that, in addition to building physical strength, mental strength and confidence are skills that she incorporates in her instruction.

“Not everyone has access to help with hair and makeup or anything like that, so we really set aside time at the studio where all of the girls come here and get ready for shows,” she explains. “The older girls are helping the younger girls and vice versa, teaching them how to curl their hair, braid their hair, do makeup, and in return, that’s teaching them life skills that they can use outside of the studio, building their self-confidence, building their inner strength.”

What does a typical aerial class look like?

“So typically in our classes, we start with 15 minutes of warm ups, and then we progress into the lesson where we go over skills, drops, sequences, and then at the end of class we typically have like a ‘flow time’ where we play fun music, turn the lights off and the girls really just kind of get to be creative with what they’re learning,” Anderson explains. 

Do I need aerial experience to take classes at Sky Dancing Aerial Studio?


“You don’t have to have any experience to come here. You can start from ground zero and we’ll work with you. Everyone progresses at their own pace, so as long as you’re willing and determined, you’ll make really good progress,” Anderson says.

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