Girls tennis season opens with West River Invite

RAPID CITY, S.D. – State sanctioned high school sports have not been played in South Dakota since March 13 when the State ‘B’ Girls Basketball Tournament was canceled after the first day of competition.

Now after 155 days, state sanctioned high school sports are officially back.

The girls tennis season kicked off Friday with the the West River Invite.

Rapid City Central squared off against both St. Thomas More and Aberdeen Roncalli.

St. Thomas More defeated the Central, 7-2 and then the Cobblers lost to Roncalli, 9-0.


Featured Highlights from Friday

Aberdeen Roncalli 9, RC Central 0

– Flight 1      Hallie Haskell – Roncalli defeated Harper Keim – RC Central  10-6

– Flight 2     Ali Muller – Roncalli defeated Arianna Doty – RC Central   10-1


Aberdeen Roncalli 9, RC Central 0

RCC Cobbler Singles VS. Aberdeen Roncalli
Flight 1    Harper Keim VS. Hallie Haskell       6-10
FL2           Arianna Doty VS. Ali Muller             1-10
FL3           Kiana Johnson VS. Jemini Cantelope      1-10
FL4          Mehrezat Abbas VS. River Haskell             7-10
FL5          Ella Miller VS. Raley Haskell                       5-10
FL6          Charlize Steele VS. Katherine Kretchman      5-10
Singles Total 0 Singles Total 6

RCC Cobblers Doubles VS. Aberdeen Roncalli Score
FL1        Harper Keim/Kiana Johnson VS. Hallie Haskell/Ali Muller         4-10
FL2       Arianna Doty/Mehrezat Abbas VS. Jemini Cantelope/River Haskell       3-10
FL3       Ella Miller/Charlize Steele VS. Raley Haskell/Katherine Kretchman       4-10
Doubles Total 0 Doubles Total 3

Roncalli Tennis


St. Thomas More 7, RC Central 2

RCC Cobbler Singles VS. STM Score
FL1       Harper Keim VS. Katie Denholm      11-9
FL2       Arianna Doty VS. Sylvie Mortimer     1-10
FL3      Kiana Johnson VS. Athena Franciliso 1-10
FL4       Mehrezat Abbas VS. Kaitlyn Schmahl 7-10
FL5       Ella Miller VS. Alysa Denholm 0-10
FL6      Charlize Steele VS. Sarah Barton 4-10

Singles Total 1 Singles Total 5

RCC Cobblers Doubles VS. STM Score
FL1       Harper Keim/Kiana Johnson VS. Katie Denholm/Sylvie Mortimer 11-9
FL2       Arianna Doty/Mehrezat Abbas VS. Athena Franciliso/Kaitlyn Schmahl 2-10
FL3       Ella Miller/Charlize Steele VS. Alysa Denholm/Sarah Barton 3-10

Doubles Total 1 Doubles Total 2


Aberdeen Roncalli 5, St. Thomas More 4

STM VS Aberdeen Roncalli


Flight 1 Katie Denholm (lost) 3-6, 2-6

Flight 2 Sylvie Mortimer substitute for Sophia Meyer (lost) 1-6, 1-6

Flight 3 Athena Franciliso (won) 6-1,6-3

Flight 4 Kaitlyn Schmahl (lost) 2-6, 7-6(5) tie break 4-10

Flight 5 Sarah Barton (won) 7-6(4), 7-5



Flight 1 Katie Denholm and Sylvie Mortimer (lost) 5-8

Flight 2 Athena Franciliso and Kaitlyn Schmahl (won) 8-3

Flight 3 Alysa Denholm and Sarah Barton (lost) 3-8

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