Girl Scouts release 42 new badges

Known fondly for cookie sales, Girl Scouts is more than just thin mints. The organization is keeping up with the times and launching their participants into the future by empowering them with knowledge and skill.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Girl Scouts have a long history of empowering girls — 105 years to be exact.

Girl Scouts Microscope

Lucile Ball, Nancy Regan, Katie Couric — all former girl scouts. The organization is taking girls fully equipped into the future, exposing them to different and unique opportunities and preparing future leaders.

Tami Unterseher, Senior Regional Director of Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons, says, “The neat thing about girl scout experiences, you really learn life skills. You learn relationships and how to have healthy relationships, how to support one another. It’s a unique opportunity to bring girls together to work together and to accomplish things together and it also teaches that team piece of how to work with others in our world, in our communities.”

Girl Scouts USA has released 42 new badges in the areas of high adventure in the outdoors, coding, space science and more.

The new badges continue to build on the four pillars of the organization which are Outdoors, Life Skills, STEM and Entrepreneurship. They are exploring it in different ways than the badges have historically.

Girl Scout Badges

Girl Scout Badges

Unterseher says, “The new badges really enhance the girl’s experience. And I think the other positive piece about that is that what we’re trying to do more with girl scouts is not only improve their experiences and abilities individually, but also help prepare them more for future job markets in industries that women really haven’t been historically as involved.”

From daisy to ambassador, Senior Girl Scout Isabelle is thinking about going into an engineering field and is looking forward to adding the new badges to her vest.

Isabelle, says, “I’m really excited about the new badges because they’re keeping up with the current times. And I’m excited to see that girls are getting to be a part of all of the new STEM opportunities. I’m most excited about the space science badge personally, because that’s something I’m interested in going into college after high school, so I think that the new badges could teach me a lot.”

All in all, the goal is that Girl Scouts participants will help girls discover what they are passionate about and what they want to achieve — both today and in the future.

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