Getting the most out of Amazon Prime Day? Get the most out of securing your packages.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Prime Day is here and Amazon’s Prime Deals Monday and Tuesday will inevitably lead to more packages in transit to homes across the country. When you hit order and look forward to that delivery day, here are some ways to keep your packages safe.

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As people have turned to shopping online more and more through the pandemic, concerns over porch pirates remain.

The Rapid City Police have a few tips to help prevent you from becoming a victim. They say do your best to ensure the packages don’t stay on your doorstep very long. Work with the shipping company to have the package shipped to the store for pickup or your place of work.

If you’re close to your neighbors and you know your package has been delivered, see if they can grab it for you.

But if you do have your package stolen, call the police. They say having security camera video can be the most helpful.

“We’re starting to see doorbell cameras becoming a more and more popular security feature on homes,” said Public Information Officer for the RCPD Brendyn Medina. “They serve as a deterrent if a potential porch pirate sees a package on your porch, they might want to take and they see that you have that doorbell camera, they may think twice about taking that package.”

If you see any suspicious behavior – such as someone scoping out houses or taking packages off porches – call the police immediately.

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