Generous donation could bring an exciting new feature to the Rapid City area

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City may be getting a new park in the downtown area thanks to a very generous donation from a local couple.

A View Of The Hill From The Back Of The Kc Lofts BuildingApproximately 15 acres of land were donated by long-time residents Phillip and Yvonne Weger, including a hill overlooking the city along East Boulevard, behind the new KC Lofts Apartments building.

The couple currently resides in Arizona, but gifted the land to the city for continued community use.

“This couple wanted to donate the property so that it would not fall into severe over-development,” Rapid City Parks and Recreation Director, Jeff Biegler said. “So most likely what we’ll be seeing up there is kind of what we’re seeing up there now, but will be improved trails and interpretive signage. And kind of cleaning up the hillside a little bit.”

Phillip and Yvonne have already commissioned a company, Wyss Associates, Inc., to design a possible plan for what they have named “Highland Park.”

This includes a trail–to be about one mile long– and interpretive signage. Plans for benches in the area are also included along with interactive exhibits featuring treasures and artifacts from the region donated by the couple.

“One of the beautiful things about this property is that it is adjacent to another 12 and a half acres that the city owns on that hillside where there are some water reservoirs and such,” Biegler said. “So, in essence, this could become quite a large neighborhood park facility by combining the two parcels.”

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