GALLERY: Guns and Hoses day 2 recap

UPDATE (06/25/20 9:30 a.m.):

At the end of Day 2 for Guns and Hoses, Police are still in the lead. They had 92 people sign in for them and Fire had 76 sign in for them

151 people donated 174 units of blood.

In total, Police have 199 donors and fire department has 149 donors. 313 people have donated 356 units of blood.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The 15th Annual Guns and Hoses Blood Drive started June 23rd and will go until Friday June 26th.

The police department and fire department are competing to see which department can bring in the most donors.

So far the police lead the fire department with 107 donors for RCPD and 73 donors for RCFD.

So far the blood drive has collected 182 units of blood.

If you are interested in donating blood you can go to the blood drive in the Rushmore Mall from 10 A.M. – 6 P.M.

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