Fuse Rapid City, raising funds and promoting cultural awareness

The idea for Fuse Rapid City was generated by Leadership Rapid City class of 2018, with the intent to raise money and awareness for existing cultural organizations.

Fuse Rapid City is a newly formed fundraising organization that aims to help existing organizations in the area raise money and share their culture with the community.

FUSE Rapid City logo, courtesy Facebook

Fuse Rapid City logo, courtesy Facebook

Bernie McFarling with Fuse Rapid City, says, “I think the important thing that FUSE Rapid City is kind of just being that additional fundraising venue for organizations that are already doing that cultural awareness piece, that education piece, encouraging inclusion within the community we wanted to be a part of that. And I think the best way that we could be a part of that was to fund one of the organizations that are already subject matter experts in that type of work.”

Rapid City’s diversity is centered around the multiple aspects of the community – a college town, a military host city and more. Taking part in cultural events helps people understand each other’s background and helps build relationships.

Native Pop Sign, past event

Native Pop Sign, past event

Native Pop Sign, past event

Tessa LaHaie with Fuse Rapid City, says, “We are a tourist hub, we have a lot of agriculture, we are 3 hours away from I think 6 different tribal nations, so there is so much that we have to offer. We have the new scientific research center that is going to be coming and really culture isn’t just based off of race either, ya know, so we need to make the whole community more aware, more understanding and let them know just how much can learn and benefit from these different groups.”

Fuse will host an annual charity dinner and social to fund a local culture-focused organization. Each year, a event and organization will be chosen to be the target of the fundraising efforts. This year they will be sponsoring Native POP: People of the Plains, which is an annual event that includes a Native art market and cultural celebration.

With this inaugural event, Fuse hopes supporters will step up and contribute to the cause.

McFarling says,”We are going to see a heighten awareness of cultural diversity in the community, it will enhance respect among different cultures in the community and just building that foundation of trust and allowing us to have better relationships with each other, so it’s kind of a win – win. ”

Fuse Rapid City would like to thanks Black Hills Energy and Spore Creative for sponsorships.

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