Frülingsfest kicks off summer events at Main Street Square

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Saturday, the annual Frülingsfest proved to be the ultimate get-together at Main Street Square.

1653191524 33b836a7e7ce837fa6152de8155d40bf6dfffeb3 Fl9 720p1653232958This is the ninth year that Main Street Square has kicked off its events for the year with Frülingsfest. Organizers say it means “Spring Market” in German.

The event featured everything from local vendors, to live music by Humbletown and only craft beers on tap.

And let’s not forget the new main course, a new barbecue competition.

“Every year, we try to change our events a little bit, stay up to date with downtown evolving,” said Bobbi Schaefbauer, the events manager for Main Street Square. “We want to evolve our events as well, so we decided what a better idea than out of barbecue competition?”

As for the contest, many grillers weren’t quick to give up their perfect barbecue rib recipe.

“Most people like em’ to fall off the bone, but the judges like where they don’t fall off the bone. They like a little tug on it,” said Richard Mulz, a barbecue contestant.

“So if you’re going to do ribs, you got to know what the 3,2,1 method is, otherwise you’re going to fail every time in a competition,” said Kyle Lambert, a barbecue contestant. “So it’s all about getting the ribs on to 165. Once they’re at 165, they do not accept any more smoke.”

For an event like this, some will say you need to have the perfect beer — which is where you enter only locally crafted brews.

“So I like the diversity of craft beers. Instead of a light beer where everything tastes very similar, you got your sours, your IPAs — there’s a lot of differences. It’s kind of a little bit for everyone,” said Jarrett Fowler of Rapid City.

Others appreciated the artist’s rendition of beer that ties events like this together.

“They put their artistic touch on the beers, so we get to enjoy it as the beer drinkers,” said John Zimbardo of Rapid City.

Main Streets Square’s next big event is their Kid’s Carnival planned for June 4.

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