Frost Possible Wednesday Night in Rapid City, Great Plains

Temperatures will dip low enough Wednesday evening into Thursday morning that frost could occur across a large portion of our area

  • To recap today, Mostly rain showers across the Black Hills Region with a few areas of mixing, particularly in the higher elevations and Northeastern Wyoming
  • Light accumulations will be possible, with a dusting to an inch or so in some areas. Very little travel impacts are expected, but as always use caution on slick roads.
  • (People tend to forget how to drive in snowy conditions after a break)

  • It’ll be a chilly, blustery 48 hours as the storm system that brought record breaking snow and cold to Western Montana finally pushes through our region.
  • Temperatures will struggle to crest 40° in some areas Tuesday, dipping into the mid to lower 30’s Tuesday night.
  • Thankfully, Cloud cover should keep temperatures a *tad* warmer to hold off frost for most areas.
  • If you’re in the higher elevations, Northeastern Wyoming or Northwestern South Dakota, there could be a few spots of Frost Tuesday night into Wednesday morning – just to play it safe.
  • Wednesday morning will feature more chances for a mixture of snow and rain, with foggy conditions given our easterly flow. Temperatures will feel a little warmer, with more scattered showers expected with mixing in Northeastern Wyoming and higher elevations.

  • It’s Wednesday night into Thursday morning we’ll have to watch out for widespread frost, as clouds begin to clear out letting heat escape.
  • Temperature models keep areas of Rapid City and the Great Plains above freezing, but I think calm winds and clear skies will push us past that 32° threshold.
  • If you have sensitive plants, you’ll want to bring them inside Wednesday evening. Make sure not to leave pets outside either!

Things warm up Thursday and Friday, with even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm Friday afternoon. Dry, warmer conditions look at the very least possible going into the weekend and next week. Temperatures will hover around the 50s and 60s going into next week, with possibly even a few 70s. Be safe out there folks! -Brant

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