From the streets to the Summit: see how The Monument in Rapid City gets some heavy-duty help cleaning up before the sports show


A Street Sweeper Cleaning The Parking Lot By The Holiday Inn Hotel In Rapid CityRAPID CITY, S.D.– Though usually seen cleaning the roads and residential areas throughout Rapid City, street sweepers were brought over to The Monument to help prepare the arena for the upcoming sports show starting on Friday. Street Department Superintendent for Rapid City Dale Pfeifle explains more about bringing the trucks in to help.

What do they do?

Much like they would on a road or street, the street sweepers help pick up and remove any dirt or discarded materials left behind from the stock show at both the Summit Arena and the parking lot near the Holiday Inn. This year in the Summit Arena alone, over one hundred truckloads of dirt came through the building in order to cover the floor for the rodeo. Once removed, the dirt will be dried out and then used to cover trash at the landfill.

Why use street sweepers to help out?

According to Pfeifle, this is not the first time he and his crew have used the street sweepers in the monument. They do it as a way of helping the city as needed, and often do it for other city groups as well. “We assist anybody, any division we can in any way possible. but and this is one of the ways we do so is we come over and help them sweep up the parking lot, the arena area– it is just a win-win for everybody.”

How long will they be working with the street sweepers be out?

According to Pfeifle, as long as they need to be to get the job finished. However, he said they were most likely to have completed the job by the end of Tuesday, saying that the vehicles will have most likely returned to roads and residential areas by the end of the day.

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