From inflation to education, Rep. Johnson answers constituent questions during town halls

RAPID CITY, S.D. — South Dakota’s lone congressman spent Wednesday in Rapid City touring businesses and hosting town halls.

Dusty PicRepresentative Dusty Johnson was the featured speaker at the Americans for Prosperity luncheon.

AFP is a bipartisan, grassroots organization with branches across the country.

Around 20 people showed up to have lunch, ask their questions, and voice concerns. Topics ranged from border security and inflation, to Ukraine and food security.

“We’ve also had policies in place that have not rewarded or required work, so we’ve got fewer people working in the factories; they’re making fewer widgets, that means we’ve got fewer widgets for sale, again,” Rep. Johnson said. “Too many dollars chasing too few goods.”

The luncheon was one of two town halls Johnson hosted Wednesday, the other was at the School of Mines.

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