From Betty White to Rowan Grace to the B-21, check out our Top Stories of 2022

Top Stories Of 2022RAPID CITY, S.D. – This year was filled with a lot of amazing stories. From the huge snowstorm that rocked our state this month to Rapid City’s own Rowan Grace making it to the top ten on The Voice. Check out just some of our top-viewed stories.

(12-31) Legendary actress Betty White dies just weeks before her 100th birthday (link)
Technically Betty White passed away in 2021 but we had to include this “Golden Girl” on our list.

(01-01) First baby born in 2022 at Monument Health (link)

(03-07) Generous donation could bring an exciting new feature to the Rapid City area (link)
Approximately 15 acres of land were donated by long-time residents Phillip and Yvonne Weger, including a hill overlooking the city along East Boulevard, behind the new KC Lofts Apartments building.

(03-22) Local leadership slams hotel owner for inflammatory racial comments (link)

(06-22) State legislators reflect on Ravnsborg impeachment trial (link)

(06-24) Rapid City residents respond to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade (link)
Residents in Rapid City took to the streets in response to Friday’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Gathered in front of the federal court building, they expressed their reactions to the 6-3 Supreme Court vote.

(08-15) Work begins cleaning up after 82nd Sturgis Rally (link)

(08-17) Chance to see the Northern Lights (link)

(09-08) Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 (link)

(10-05) The 34th Annual Black Hills Powwow (link)

(10-07) Ardmore : South Dakota’s newest ghost town (link)

(10-26) The moose is on the loose in Rapid City (link)
There is a moose on the loose in Rapid City. Several unconfirmed reports from Facebook and Twitter users are sharing pictures of a moose along Highway 44 near Rapid Valley.

(10-31) Rapid City’s Rowan Grace moves on to the Live Shows on NBC’s The Voice, now on a new team (link)

(11-18) Olivia Kieffer becomes first RC Christian athlete to make Division I commitment (link)

(12-02) The long-awaited B-21 unveiled (link)
After years of development, the B-21 “Raider” stealth bomber, a next-generation aircraft designed to replace the Air Force’s rapidly aging B-1 and B-2 bombers, is finally being revealed to the public.

(12-15) “Weather” you love or hate snow, NC1 wants to see your pictures! (link)

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