Friday night (police) lights- a shift with an RCPD officer

RAPID CITY, S.D. — While most of us are sleeping, police are patrolling the streets with the intention of keeping the community safe.

NewsCenter1’s Anna Hamelin joined in on the action Friday night and brings us into the patrol car for a night shift.

As the city settled in for the night, Anna geared up to ride alongside Rapid City Police Department Officer Vince Rudebusch from the Rapid City Police Department.

He now patrols his hometown and shares his passions for protecting the community.

“Growing up here was a good place, and I wanted to keep it safe, wanted to serve in the community, and I just felt like that was kind of my calling,” said Officer Rudebusch.

His call to serve, though, actually didn’t start in the police department. It started in the military, but remained close to home.

“Between the South Dakota National Guard and the Rapid City Police Department, I just try to keep my service local to Rapid and South Dakota,” added Rudebusch.

The first call that evening was to assist with a foot pursuit, and then other calls followed. From car thefts, to noise complaints, to domestic violence situations, Officer Rudebusch sympathetically addressed the concerns of residents across the northern part of the city through the night.

He pulled wanderers with warrants off the cold streets and helped them get set up for new court dates, encouraging them to take steps towards brighter futures.

One of his favorite parts of his job is serving the place he loves with the people he loves.

“What I like is that I work with people who have a desire to help other people,” he said.

Usually, when Officer Rudebusch arrived at a scene, another officer appeared to offer support.

Although police often respond to many tough situations in just one night, they also get a chance to make permanent, positive impacts on those who most need a helping hand. “We’re there for the minor things, and we’re there for the worst days of peoples’ lives.”

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