Friday Forecast: Warm, sunny days are ahead

An unusual break from the stormy, cool pattern we've seen over the last couple of months, dry air will entrench itself into the region

  • The forecast is short and sweet, given that dry air is making its home in the Black Hills region over the next couple of days
  • Temperatures will top out in the 60s and 70s for most of us today, with plenty of sunshine on tap for Friday

  • One thing to take note of going into this weekend and next week is the drop in moisture across the region
  • Relative humidity values will be dropping to the 20-30% range, so we’ll need to start paying attention to fire danger
  • It doesn’t take much to dry out the region, and 3-4 days of sunny, dry and warm weather will quickly make work of our grasslands and forests

  • Temperatures will continue to climb through the weekend, with 70s and 80s on tap with plenty of sunshine once again on Saturday.
  • Normal temperatures for this time of year are high 70s, so we’ll be right where we’re supposed to be on Saturday.

  • Sunday really kicks in the summer-like temperatures as we creep into the mid, perhaps high 80s across the region
  • Monday could even see a few 90s across the region, its amazing what dry air is capable of when its left in a region for more than a couple days

  • Next week will be a flurry of different systems plummeting from Alaska and crashing into the West coast.
  • Whether or not those systems hold together as it moves into the central portion of the continent will be crucial in our long range pattern.
  • So far, it looks like we could have at the very least a few storms and cooler temperatures by the middle to later portion of next week.

It’s suicide prevention week this week, and just a reminder to everyone that its hard for people suffering from depression and anxiety to reach out. We have sunny, warm days ahead. Find a friend of yours and get them outside in the sun, enjoying the world. You never know what people are going through – The world is beautiful, and sometimes it takes a friend to show us that. Be good out there folks. – Brant

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