Friday Forecast: Mostly sunny with a few isolated strong storms

The Black Hills will get a quick break from widespread severe weather on Friday, but another stormy day looks likely for Saturday

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  • Friday will feature a much drier day with a few isolated strong storms this afternoon and evening.
  • Temperatures will crest to the 70s and 80s with a slight breeze from the Southeast at 10-20 MPH

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  • The isolated threat for strong storms Friday afternoon will be highly conditional… meaning alot of different elements will have to come together for these storms to pop-up.
  • If they do though, large hail and gusty winds could be an issue – something to just keep an eye on as we progress into the afternoon.

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  • Saturday afternoon and evening we will have to be weather aware once again, as widespread severe weather does look likely.
  • An Enhanced (3/5) risk for severe weather has been issued by the storm prediction center for the Black hills region.

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  • Storms are expected to fire off in Northeastern Wyoming sometime after 2 PM, and race Northeast towards the Black Hills.

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  • Several waves of strong storms will be possible, so making sure you have a way to receive warnings will be very important.

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  • So far, the storm modes we’re looking at will heavily favor Hail and flash flooding as some of the main threats.
  • Gutsy winds will also be a part of that forecast, along with the possibility of a few isolated tornadoes.

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  • So what does an Enhanced (3/5) risk of severe weather actually mean? hopefully this chart details what the impacts and preparation should look like for such a forecasted event.

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  • By Sunday we do look to receive a bit of a break… if a little on the warm and muggy side.

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  • Things looks to cool off and dry out as we approach next week, so a nice cool break looks likely save for a few isolated thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday.


I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and their concern yesterday in regards to my pulverized vehicle. Got a few cuts and was a little muddy, but otherwise perfectly fine. I was done for the day and heading home on I-90 when the storm picked up speed as it approached BlackHawk. I stopped to take a quick call (I don’t like to be on the phone while i’m driving 🙂 … ) and it only took 3 minutes before I was forced to hunker down on the side of the road. Just goes to show that humility in this business is a big plus, because you’re gunna get burned by mother nature over and over again. (especially in the Black Hills!)

I’m so proud of this community, and the way people were warning their neighbors and family in the path of the storm further downstream. Storm reports were streaming in quickly and efficiently, allowing the national weather service in Rapid City to issue effective and clear warnings. If we follow that same mindset for Saturday, i’m confident we’re going to be well prepared.

Thank you all for trusting us with your forecast… we know how important good forecasts are in the Black Hills, and we strive to make that happen each and every day. Be safe out there! -Brant

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