Freshman Leadership Forum for middle schoolers

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Students from East, North, and South Middle Schools attended a special leadership forum Thursday morning.

This is the third year that Central High School has hosted the Freshman Leadership Forum. It’s meant to help current incoming freshman with leadership skills improve their skills and learn new ways to grow as leaders when they get into high school. Students at the forum participated in team building activities, group discussions, speakers from the community, like Mayor Steve Allender, and many more things.

Area 8th graders participating in the Freshman Leadership Forum at Central High School

Justin Conroy, Assistant Principal at Central High School

Central High School Assistant Principal, Justin Conroy, said this all began about three years ago. “We sat down in the freshman house and we started talking about we need more leadership within our freshman house and our incoming students because we weren’t seeing a lot of leaders that were wanting to stand out and be recognized. We figured that for incoming classes coming into the freshman house from that point, we needed to get leaders from the 8th grade and bring them in and give them the opportunity to listen to these speakers and let them be comfortable and that it’s okay to stand out and help lead their classmates and lead their school,” said Conroy.

“These are all individuals that might know each other outside of school, mostly not, but they’re going to start working together. This is the foundation for the next school year. It’s a pretty fun day and then we also have current student council members that are going to come in and visit with the students too. So a lot of activities today.”

The 8th graders participating in this forum will graduate from high school as the class of 2023.



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