Four things to know about United Way of the Black Hills’ “Get the Pack Back” campaign

A United Way Of The Black Hills Member Preparing The Change The Donation Amount

A United Way of the Black Hills member prepares to change the donation total

RAPID CITY, S.D.– As part of the United Way of the Black Hills’ fundraising campaign, the annual “Get the Pack Back” event plays a key part helping the organization reach their yearly goals. Board President Lauren Ebert explains more about the importance of the event.

What “the pack” is

The pack is a paper envelope handed out to local businesses in the area. From the beginning of the fall through mid-November, companies choosing to participate gather up donations from themselves and the community. On November 17 participating organizations included Black Hills Energy, Scheel’s, the City of Rapid City, and many other businesses in the area. Between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m., representatives and employees dropping off their packets received donuts and coffee as a thank-you.

Their goal this year

The United Way of the Black Hills’ goal this year is to raise $2,127,000 for local nonprofit groups that work with the community.  As of Thursday morning, the local non-profit was around 42 percent of the way towards reaching their goal, with businesses in the final 90 minutes alone bringing in close to $400,000.

“The community support here is just so important,” Ebert said. “And knowing where we’re at to that goal really helps us understand how much work us as board members have to do for the remainder of the season.”

The Pack For The United Way Of The Black Hills Campaign

One of the United Way of the Black Hills “packs”


The importance of community

Without the community support, the United Way of the Black Hills would not be able to function and assist other nonprofit groups and organizations or even people in the region.

“Days like this are really just filled with, you know, gratitude and happiness. And that that feeling of coming together for things that matter to all of us.”

Can I still donate?

Yes. The organization’s donation season runs through the end of the year. The “Get the Pack Back” event is mainly for the larger businesses in the area. Packets will also be collected on Friday, November 18 for any businesses that could not bring them in on Thursday.

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