Fountain Springs Church ministry aims to help the most vulnerable population

Fountain Springs Church launched their 'Kids in Crisis Ministry' in 2018 after assessing a great need in the community.

The pandemic has no doubt caused many families extra stress, which in turn creates more of a need, especially in families already in adverse conditions.

Kids In Crisis

Fountain Springs Church launched their ‘Kids in Crisis Ministry’ in 2018 after assessing a great need in the community.

Kids In Crisis

“This kids in crisis idea –  everything from food insecurity to homelessness and housing came up, but foster care actually arose to the top as one of the greatest needs – not only supporting families who are walking through it and in need of support for their kiddos, but also having safe places to go while parents were just dealing with whatever it was that they need to deal with in getting treatment or healing,” says Katy Kinnan, Director of Community & Care at Fountain Springs Church.

Their hope is to communicate this need to the community and take action. Part of the outreach helps support area organizations that are already helping families in need to provide additional resources for the kids and caregivers, and filling in the gaps where needed.

They want to find families compelled to open their homes to children in custody and comprise a team to support those willing to be foster families.

Kids In Crisis

Kinnan says, “Not everybody will be a foster parent, not everybody will be able to open their homes to a child, but everybody can do something to be a part of that, even if that is saying – for those that are doing the foster care placements – we want to walk with you and support you.”

The Care Team may provide meals to foster families, home repairs or needed supplies.

“That Care team is really just this large body of people who say, just let me know what you need and if I can do it I will be there.”

Kids In Crisis

Another part of the mission is a foster family supply closet, a community resource area with an aim to open that in the new year.

Kinnan says, “The heart of that is really for foster families in our community and region to have a place where they can get what they need because most of the time placements are made in the urgent moment, it’s not something that is really well planned.”

Fountain Springs Church partner organizations include:

Abbott House
Children’s Home Society
Safe Families (Bethany Christian Services)
South Dakota Kids Belong
Volunteers of America Mommy’s Closet

Those interested in the Fountain Springs Outreach can contact Katy at

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