Former Summerset mayor serving as consultant to city resigns

A city consultant and former mayor, George Mandas, has resigned after the City learned of the case

SUMMERSET, S.D. — 56-year-old George Mandas, the former mayor of Summerset serving as a consultant to the City, has resigned following the news that he pleaded guilty to charges relating to the non-consensual filming of a woman in his bathroom.

The City of Summerset issued a statement on their Facebook page over the weekend, saying:

“All city employees and committee members, including the Mayor and the Commission learned of the legal action through the news article posted on NewsCenter 1 on the late afternoon of Friday January 21st, 2022. We, the city, were not privileged or informed of any information regarding this case from Mr. Mandas, legal representation, or from any government entity.”

The post goes on to say that Mandas and the current Mayor, Melanie Torno, spoke on the phone Friday afternoon regarding his position. The mayor then called a special session of the Commissioners and City Administrators for Sunday, January 23.

Mandas handed in his official resignation on the morning of January 22.

“It is the expectation of and from the City of Summerset that our elected officials, appointed officials, and our city employees to have a high standard of character and integrity, as stated in our employee handbook and Summerset Code of Ethics,” the post reads.

Mandas pleaded guilty on Thursday to “using a device to photograph or visually record another person without clothing or under or through the clothing” without consent with the “intention to self-gratify, harass, or embarrass and invade the privacy.” The charges come from a fall 2021 incident where a dog sitter staying at Mandas’ residence found a camera in the bathroom.

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