Formalized volunteer program plays a vital role in Rapid City Area School District’s success

NewsCenter1's Darsha Nelson sat down with RCAS to talk about their formalized volunteer program and the impact it has on the district

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Formalized in 2018, the Rapid City Area Schools volunteer program plays a vital role in the success of the district.

The program was devastated by coronavirus but now boasts 600 volunteers across 23 schools; from college students to grandparents, volunteers from all walks of life dedicate their time to student success.

“We need chaperones; we need people to show our students and go to job fairs or go to the museum and just be there as a helping hand,” says J.J. Carrell, director of college and career readiness for RCAS. “Another set of eyes for our teachers and to help in the classrooms and a lot of administrative things.”

Rcas Pay RaiseRCAS is always looking for more volunteers from all different backgrounds to help fill that need.

“What I say to volunteers or potential volunteers is don’t think that you don’t have the skill set or the talent or ability; all you have to do is care,” Carrell says.

The district also partners with Teammates, an organization that matches mentors with those in need in the school system.

But above all – safety; safety for the students and peace-of-mind for the parents.

“I want to say that the schools are safe; [that] we’re doing everything humanly possible to create and maintain a safe environment,” Carrell says.

Part of that safety and transparency includes background checks and a database to track volunteers.

“That’s the great thing about volunteerism; you can make a very big difference,” Carrell adds.

He says the need for volunteers is great. RCAS also has nearly a hundred open positions listed on their website for teachers and staff.

Anyone interested in applying can do so by CLICKING HERE.

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